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Game Development

Creating games is like giving a fantasy world, a place in reality.


Games are dreams full of power.

Hey there!

I'm Jochem ten Hove, developer and owner of KiwiGalaxyDev.

Jochem ten Hove

Developing games, software and being creative is my passion.

Pixel Art

Making art is a way to give creatures you have in mind, a personality.


Art is a combination of your fantasy and the people you love.

Monkey Wave

As I told you before, I love making games. I have developed multiple games in my career. My most popular game is Monkey Wave, an action mobile game. Do you like fruits? Watch out! The monkeys want to steal them! Defend your juicy fruits against the monkeys and gain as much points as possible. Compete against your friends on the online leaderboard or play against them in Mulitplayer Mode.

Monkey Wave Monkey Wave

Price: Free

Defend your Bananas against the Hungry Monkeys!

Download on iOS Download on Android
Monkey Wave Monkey Wave

My Art

Yes! I love drawing and giving animals and other creatures a personality you won't forget! From a cute frog to sneaky monkeys. I have over two years experience with good looking pixel art and character designs. I always say, the most important thing you must do in art, is telling the story about your character to others. Things like personality, style and the entire feeling of your art are really important.

A goofy monkey duo from Monkey Wave

Monkey Wave

A cool frog searching for some juicy insects

Froggy's Pond 2

A cute casual girl ready to fight


About me



At the moment, I'm studying Software Developer in my home country: The Netherlands.



Besides software development and making art, I really love making music. I really like to play the guitar and to sing.


Jochem ten Hove

I love planet Earth! Animals, plants and other creatures are sooo cool! Watching nature documentaries is a big hobby of mine.


Planet Earth

The Universe is awesome! There is still so much to explore about it. Really fascinating.

Adam Young

Owl City

Owl City and Sky Sailing are both projects of the one-person band of Adam Young. His music is wonderful and magical, absolutly cool to check out.